Just spit them out and take another bite

watermelon vibes 1024


Life is like eating a watermelon, you know you’re going to get some seeds; just spit them out and take another bite.     

Jeff Steinmann


Ariskea [Arbor] Basket Flower [Rose] & Wood Planter& Flowers @ Uber

Ariskea [Bambi] Garden Seats [Friends & Single], Hanging basket plant, Pillow (Gold dots and rose)  @ FaMESHed

Dust Bunny watermelon vibes . melon pizza, Cocktails, Watermelon Keg, and Planter @ FaMESHed

Dust Bunny Strawberry Season – Strawberry Plant

Dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . blueberry container

O.M.E.N – Gone to the Beach – Pug Pal, Beach bag and Ball @ FaMESHed

O.M.E.N. Water slices

Tarte Cascading lights

taikou / fresh watermelon bucket

DaD – Peacock wicker coffee table

Sail the sea and feel the sky

nautical dreams 1024


Sail the sea and feel the sky

Let your soul and spirit fly


Peaches Coastal Getaway Bed, Lamp and table @ Uber

Peaches Zonlicht – Mallard Pair

Dust Bunny Quirky Planters 2 Lady

Dust Bunny Sweet dreams Alarm Clock

Moss & mink Beach Bunny Float and Wheel

Apple Fall Milton Curtains, Seashorse Vase, and Cosmos Flowers ( modified)

Jian Splendid Spaniels  Floor Snoozer

PAN Nautical Sailor Sock Monkey

Soy Super long hedera


Summers chasing fluttering pieces of prose and eating strawberries

strawberry sun 2048.png


She was a curious girl, a wanderer, who spent summers chasing fluttering pieces of prose and eating strawberries.

~ Micheal Fandet~


DaD virtual Living Peacock Wicker Set @ Summerfest

Dust Bunny strawberry season . bowl of berries and Starwberry Plant @ FaMESHed

Dust Bunny Quirky Planters 2 (Owl and Kitty Planter)

Dust Bunny & OMEN Water garden and Betta Fish (Lightbulb, Water lilly, and Sand Bottle @ Summerfest

Hive Hanging Devil’s Ivy


Puppy Pool Party

puppy pool party 1024.png



DaD BeachyHead House @ Uber

Trompe Loeil Genovena Chair and couch @ Collabor88

Jian Pool Party Pups

Jian Poodle party balloons

Jian  Fun Frenchies ( White spot & Fawn companion, and LifeGuard chair)

Tarte Boho Palm and Plant stand, Boho String lights @ Collabor88

Tarte Party Lights

Peaches Water balloon Fight hose and Water balloon Giver

Kunst Ice Chest Green, Spike carrier and cold- Cola Carrier Rare

Apple Fall Privet Bush

Little branch Magnolia Tres e