Life is like a watermelon, Sweet, But you have to spit out the seeds


Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body
Shape: My own/Not for Sale
Hair: Lamb Sunshower  @ Summerfest

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Outfit: Dead Dollz Rua Bikini @ Summerfest

{Set Design}
OMEN Watermelon Snacks (slushie and treats)  @ Summerfest
Astralia Mermaid Cove  @ Summerfest

Luanes World Nocturne @ XXX event


Presents Done

Presents done, clean up later 1024.png

Presents done, Clean up … later.



Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body
Hair: Wasabi Hazel

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Outfit: Narcisse Noelle Romper
Socks: Erratic Eva Christmas Socks

{Set Design}
Peaches Stand By You Papasan Chair @ N21
JIAN Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated
UnKindness – Gift Box 3 S2 and 1 s2 @ Paying It forward Event
Serenity Style– Danna Fairy RARE and Danna LIght Balls 1 @ Lootbox
Serenity Style– LadyEllen’s Rocking Toy Horse ~ Mad Pea Christmas Hunt for Enchanted Toys
Serenity Style– Purr Cute Ducks- Sidewise, Mum & Kids RARE, and Sitting @ Pocketgacha
Serenity Style– Fish my cheese ~ Holiday Hunt
O.M.E.N – Christmas Morning – Reindeer Plushie – Holiday @ TanneBaum
<:*BoOgErS*:> Polar Bear Rug, Wagon Blocks, and Tool Box
*PAN* Sock Monkey – “Pan’s Toys”
dust bunny . christmas presents . type c
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Set – Traditional – Presents

Used from Peaches Stand By You Papasan Chair

Christmas Mischief

christmas morning 1024.png



NewChurch Charlotte fireplace @ The Liaison Collaborative

Sway’s flower pot with plant . Snowman RARE, Santa Rare, Candy Cane, Christmas Red @ The Liaison Collaborative

Dahlia  Seasonal Chocolates Set  Mabel Stand, Star cookie jar, White Chocolate, and Bauble Clutter  @ The Liaison Collaborative

Serenity style Nani Winter friends (Cat Sit, Puppie Sit, Bunnie Sit, Bunny stand, Cat Stand, Puppie Stand, Mouse Rare) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Dust bunny alpine Christmas tree . decorated and Christmas Presents @ Collabor88

Dust bunny & O.M.E.N Puppy Basket Bed @ Collabor88

Half-Deer Traditional – FULL TREE SETUP, wreath and ornament garland @ Collabor88

Merak Leather Loveseat,  Choco treats on sticks, and Wine Bottles and Glasses @ Collabor88

Razzberry Snuggle Buddies Gacha – Plaid – Coal @ The Arcade

Mutresse Sneaky Naughty Elf, Hairdresser elf, Whiskey fan elf @ The Arcade

Jian Portable Purritos 5. Orange @ The Arcade

Serenity style Johanna Wooden Reindeer

What Next December Potted Poinsettia and Holiday Nutcracker

Boogers Stack Blocks, Duckies,  and Toy chest.

Commoner Monogram Stocking D and A

Hive The Airy Skybox

.A New Season.

New Beginnings and adventures 1024.png

Seasons change… Just like people. We all love to marvel at the beauty that comes with the change of seasons, but why is it so hard to accept and grow with people. Whether it be in blogging, photography, a new job, a new realtionship or friendship, We should all learn to show a little more love and let the past go. Others like to hold on to the past and let it eat them so much that sometimes, it can repeat itself. I know I’ve been there. I’ve said it a lot this week and I’ll say it again.  Once I decided to just be me and do things FOR ME, my life became a hell of a lot easier. I’m grateful for that. So go out and take that photo, write that blog, apply for the job, rekindle that friendship, start a new one.. whatever it may be. Just make sure you are doing it for you, first and formost. ❤ and HAVE FUN!!!!

Keep smiling y’all.



Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body
Shape: My Own… Not for sale
Hair: Exile  More than Ordinary @ Collabor88 

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Outfit: Blueberry Kimmi Jacket and Skirt
Boots: Fri.Day  River Boots @ Collabor88 

{Set Design}
O.M.E.N – Autumn Harvest Truck – Brown @ FaMESHed 
Ariskea Corine Chrysanthemums @ Uber 
Dust Bunny Harvest, Haybale, and Jug of Sunflowers @ Collabor88 

{Pose and Lighting}
Pose: Foxcity Ground Sits 3

.Weekend Getaway.

Smokey mountains 1024.png



Serenity Style Rick Forest Cabin @ The Liasion Collaborative 

Unkindness Old Smokem’ National Forest Sign RARE, Winding path, Fence 5, Log Bench, and Trail sign 1 @ The Gacha Guardians 

O.M.E.N – Autumn Harvest Truck – Brown @ FaMESHed 

Dust Bunny Harvest Lumberjack Stump, Haybale, and Jug of Sunflowers @ Collabor88 

Ariskea Corine Chrysanthemums @ Uber 

Little Branch Cedar trees

Alirium Itchy Grass Gold



unbirthday done2048.png

There are three hundred and sixty-four days where you might get unbirthday presents, and only one for birthday presents you know.

~Lewis Carroll~



Dust Bunny Celebration @ N21

Unkindness Tea Time Delights Gacha @ Whimsical

O.M.E.N. Ella’s Little helpers – Apron Mouse A and B

Studio Skye Enchanted woods Clearing


Afternoon Picnic

Afternoon Pinic done.png


Life needs a few more polka dots and picnics



Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body Freckles
Eyes: GA. EG Ultimate Eyes Studio Line Pack C
Hair: Wasabi Pills Deanna @ FaMESHed 

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Outfit: Rebel Hope Delicate Dress and Sady Heels @ FaMESHed 

{Set Design}
AF  Picnic Gacha (Blanket and Pillows Rare, Personal Tray, Dessert, Picnic Basket Seat)   @ The Gacha Garden 
O.M.E.N – Ella’s Little Helpers – Button Finder, Apron Mouse and Thread Mouse.

{Pose and Lighting}
Pose: Le Poppycock Summer meltdown – Summer set 
Lighting Enhanced with Lumipro 2017

Run the World

Kustom 9 sept 16_004_Fotor22048.png

It’s hot up in here. DJ don’t be scared
To run this, Run this back

I’m repping for the girls who taking over the world
Have me raise a glass for the college grads

Anyone rolling,I’ll let you know
What time it is, check
You can’t hold me

I wrote my 9 to 5.Gotta cop my cheque
This goes out to all the women getting it in

Get on your grind to the other men
That respect what I do.Please accept my shine

Boy you know you love it.How we’re smart enough
To make these millions
Strong enough to bare the children

Then get back to business See, you better not play me
Don’t come here baby hope you still like me
“F” you pay me

My persuasion can build a nation Endless power
Our love we can devour. You’ll do anything for me

Who run the world?

~Run the World ~ Beyonce


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair:  Blues. Storm @ Kustom9 

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones Double infinity Ring
Kunst  Dayton Watch
Glasses: Miel Pilot Glasses
Bag: David Heather – Vache bag Grey  @ Kustom9 
Outfit: Reverie  Micha Outfit @ Kustom9 
Heels:  Garbaggio  Pure poison@  Kustom9 

{Set Design}
Tarte.  Upcycled Pallet Bed from Luxe Box Sept.
MishMish  Red Panda from Luxe Box Sept.
Brocante throw rug (stars), Pinned tapestry/nope, Locker cabinet/turquoise, and anchor balls
Floorplan Boudoir wire @ The Forest 
Kalopsia Kai’s Student Laundry @  Kustom9  and Message poster 1
Keke Kaboom Pulsing Neon sign @ The Forest 
O.M.E.N Basket Cat Bed @ C 88
Garbaggio  Shoe Clutter Classics
{anc}  miniature/H. mary {light} Rare @ The Arcade 
-tres blah-  Golden Cage – PMS Survival Kit RARE @ The Arcade 
Spargel and shine homes  Victoria’s Vanity Box @ Spoonful of Sugar
LAQ Decor ~ White – Main Bookcase
David Heather Vache bags (Black, Burgandy, moss, navy, and Sienna)  @  Kustom9 
DaD  The clock Loft and industrial shelf @ Ultra 

 Kirin Poses riri pose 6 @  Kustom9 


Hope 2048.png

Hope is the place where you want to go
Hope is the person you want to know
Hope is the feeling that carries you through
and Hope is the future for me and you.


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Entwined Dani @ The Book Of Daniel

{Clothes & Accessories}
Dress: Dead Dollz Bella Dress @ The Book of Daniel
Heels:  KC  Yarina Heels

{Set Design}
Di’Cor  Carson Leather Chair and Charles Industrial Table @ The Book Of Daniel
Apple Fall Georgian Gothic Fireplace and Musquee de Provence Pumpkins @ TLC
O.M.E.N Heartfelt Angelfood Cake @ The Book Of Daniel and
Basket Cat Bed @ C 88
Merak Martha Elegant Stool @ Cosmopolitan  andDaniel’s Set @ The Book Of Daniel
Tarte Snow white Rug
Second Spaces forest lights @ C88 

Used from Di’Cor Carson Leather Chair

Christmas Surprise 

She knew what he had said about getting a dog, “If we get one, we will need another. They both will want one of their own” She smiled knowing he really didn’t mind the fact of having a dog, but two puppies at once seemed more than they could handle.
 Carefully wrapping the rest of the gifts, she thought fondly of the excited footsteps that would trample down the stairs the next morning. Next to her, close by the fire, one chocolate colored ball of adorableness laid dreaming. She smiled and watched as he kicked his feet, growling softly. The other cream colored one, sat patiently watching her, tail wagging, wanting to get close to the ribbons to play. “No, Little One. Not yet. There will be plenty of time for that in the morning,” She spoke in a soft whisper to be sure not the wake the sleeping babes upstairs.

  Creeeek. Turning to look behind her, He stood with that look. He wanted to be cross but she smiled at him, melting him like she does. “You couldn’t help yourself, could you?” he asked. Her smile turned into a grin as she tied the last bow then slid the box under the tree. She stood, walked over to him, then looked up at him and smiled. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. “You and your soft heart. They will love them. Time for bed now. They will be up early.”



Adalynne is wearing:


Head: Genesis Head Emily 2.0 Blinker Rare.. Kustom9 August Round

Skin: Genesis lab Milk

Eyes:IKON  Sovereign Eyes- Forest

Hair: Truth Hair – Esperanza (Ginger)

Body: Maitreya Lara v3.4 

Tattoo: [White~Widow] Steppin’

Bracelet:JCNY – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet

Moon Amore+Clueless- Charmin’ Xmas Dress (Silver/Mint) –  The Arcade December 2015

Glamrus. Mia.

Purple Poses: Harper

Gift wrapping: Cozy Christmas Wrap Station CHEZ MOI

The Arcade December 2015
O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – Yellow Lab & Dream Pup – RARE

[ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas – Love, Sock, Pile of Gifts#1, Pile of Gifts#2, Chair with Gifts, Basket with Ornaments, Christmas Moose 

tarte. barstool (painted) & tealight centerpiece

Trompe Loeil – Reindeer Cutout Wall Art, Hammered Silver Tree

Second Spaces – Treat Yourself – Shopping Spree – boxes

RO – Sleigh Bells – Presents RARE
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope – Playful & Easily Impressed 

Scarlet Creative – The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Tartan Sofa MT


AF Christmas Tree RARE, Apple Line & 7. Apple Fall Patchwork Rug

tarte. snow white rug & wall collage

The Loft – L Frame

LAQ Decor ~ (Grey) Armchair with blanket

C 88 December round:

Trompe Loeil – Haldis Floor Lights, Skybox + Surround, & Fireplace + Birch Logs