Indio Surprise

Indian 1024.png



Fancy Decor x Commoner Indio (Chandelier, Storage Shelf, Horn, Hourglass, Pottery a & b, Books, Boxes, Sofa, Accent chair, Coffee table, basket, Rug, Wall art, candle, cactus planter, coffee mug and magazine) @ Collabor88

Disorderly Party South @ Collabor88

Moss&Mink Vivienne Chaise, Book and Magazine Clutter, and Swann Planters @ 6 Republic

Trompe Loeil Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse @ Collabor88

Hive  Hanging devil’s plant ivy

BAZAR Berlin-painting 2 & 3





cabana 1024.png


This is my carefree,

This is my freedom,

This is my happy ♥


Sayo Brickell Cabana @ FaMESHed

Sayo Eastport Egg Chair @ Uber

Moss&Mink Trinity & Tera @ FaMESHed X

Keke Wild Lilies – big Yellow

Ariskea Birdy Little bee vase

Mudhoney Pax Rolled towels, folded towels, and aroma Bowl

Apple Fall Seahorse Vase

Hive Tropical Flip Flops and Summer tote

Half-Deer Carefree Bikini clutter and Monstera Deliciosa Frame

Soy Super long hanging hedera

Studio Skye Aligator Bush, Tropical beach and Zingiberaceae

3D Trees Marsh Plant


Her Sanctuary

addy 1024.png


A woman’s closet is her place of peace.. Her sanctuary.


Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Glam Affair Catwa Cherry Applier and Maitreya Body Applier 7
Shape: My own/Not for Sale
Hair: Stealthic Willow @ Collabor88

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Dress: Tetra Ex-Boyfriend Shirt @ Collabor88

{Set Design}
Foxcity Walk-in Closet @ Collabor88
Moss & Mink Oversized pouf and Tuffed Chaise @ FaMESHed
Moss & Mink Aries Prints
Ariskea [Birdy] Little Bee Vase [Rosa]
Mudhoney  Liza Panties, heels, and bra
Chez Moi   Round Rug Leeloo
ANC flottante puppy. milk . layA / withCollar
ACORN & Dahlia Grace -Shiny Purple,  Tote bag -Black
dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant
ANC flottante puppy. milk . layA / withCollar
ACORN & Dahlia Grace -Shiny Purple,  Tote bag -Black
SAYO – Geometric Wall Panel

Foxcity Detached 7 @ Collabor88


Nothing is stopping me now…

spring Blooms 1024.png


Is it finally safe to say… SPRING IS HERE!!!! ♥ Now if the weather will just cooperate a little more. I’m ready to get out and start enjoying it and building up to a better me. Some things I may not be able to change.. but those I can, I’m determined to get it done!  Nothing is stopping me now… well, except the damn cold that is lingering.

 Bloom is officially open today!! Be sure you run over there and take in all the spring goodies! 😀

Keep Smiling Y’all.


Galland Homes Freeman Green House @ Bloom

Mudhoney Kai Chair  @ Bloom

Moss & Mink Spring Bird Bath For Mad Pea Spring Hunt @ Moss&Mink Mainstore

Disorderly Framing Flowers @ Bloom

ConBunny (Dust Bunny & Consignment) Emma Flower Bicycle @ Kustom9

ANC Forget Swallows

Heart  Horse CHestnut Trees, Bougainvillea, Queen’s Lace,  Iris, and foxgloves



Let the countdown commence….

spring 2048.png


I’ve heard it already before… It’s not spring yet. Why y’all want to hold on so tight to the bitterness of winter? The snow is beautiful at first but we all know what happens when it starts to melt. Everything gets muddy, soggy, and just plain nasty. Spring is here officially in 5 days and I’m here to help push it along anyway I can! Thankfully, it is like Disorderly read my mind! 😀 I literally went shopping back when Shiny shabby opened in February just for this set and been itching for a way to show it. So, Here it is, YAY!. lol

Keep Smiling y’all


Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Glam Affair Catwa Cherry Applier and Maitreya Body Applier 7
Shape: My own/Not for Sale

{Clothes and Accessories}
Boots: Friday Charlie Boots @ Belle events

My own… Not for sale

{Set Design}
Moss & Mink Mia table and Betty Chair @ Boardwalk
Disorderly Wood Be Spring (Stools, Letter Crates, and Buckets) @ Shiny Shabby
Disorderly  Spring Fresh ( Lemon Cutting Board and lemon bowl @ Collabor88
Disorderly  Berry Spring ( Blueberry & Lemon CheeseCake & Teas with Lemon @ Belle Events
Studio Skye Spring Flowers

Creative Space

Creative space 1024.png


To be creative, You must create a space for yourself where you can be undisturbed… separate from every day concerns.

~ John Cleese~


Moss & Mink  Mya Desk and Nora Chair

Moss & Mink Fushia Wall Planter  @ FaMESHed

Peaches  Resoultion Clutter, Zonlicht – Mallard Pair  and Kiwi Bird

Tarte Desktop Computer (Rare), Pens& Ruler, Decorative Frame, Bullet journal, Catch all & Washi Tape

Hive Devil’s Ivy

Dust Bunny Quirky Planter (Narwhal and Llama) Tabletop Plants (Pink Peony and fiddle Leaf Branch)

Jian  Splendid Spaniel Floor Snoozer


The magic thing about home is…

poodles 1024.png


The magic thing about home is it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.

~Wendy Wunder~


Fancy Decor Denes ( Rug, Armchair, Drinks Table, Martini, Wall Panal, and Floor Lamp)  @ FaMESHed

Jian Kitty Shelves @ FaMESHed

Jian Party Poodles (Black Wanderer & white Guest) @ Epiphany

Moss & Mink Ruffle Heart Rug and Adele Fireplace @ FaMESHed

Mudhoney Classic Wall Panals @ FaMESHed

Mudhoney Liza Heels

Dust Bunny Hanging plants (Ivy, Spider and double planter)  and Tabletop Plant (Sword Leaf)

DRD MB woodframe- wild horses

Merak Lexi Set – Magazines Display