.I’m a Sinner, I’m a Saint.

Reserved done2048.png

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
I’m a child, I’m a mother
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I’m your hell, I’m your dream
I’m nothing in between
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way

~Meredith Brooks~



Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body Freckles
Hair: Truth  Rumor

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Cae Kitten Necklace  @ Cosmopolitan 
Glasses: Avenge Vintage Sunglasses
Cigarette: Kunst Long Cig Holder
Dress: ChicModa Eleanor Dress ~ June BishBox

{Set Design}
Merak Beach Towel Reserved @ Shiny Shabby
Kunst Gear Wheel Ashtray
Apple Fall Crumbled Newspaper
MLE Mesh Jack Daniels Set

{Pose and Lighting}
Pose: Little Friend Sister pose
Lighting Enhanced with Lumipro 2017

Travel Plans

Travel Plans 2048.png

Can’t go without me ❤


Merak Travel Preparations Set (Flower Bouquet, Adventure Globe, World Map, Atlas and Clutter)  @ Tres Chic 
Avenge Puppies in Relax – Boston Terrior Rare @ Cosmopolitan 
Tres Blah Workspace Pencil holder, Mug of Roses, Eclectic collection (Round Cloche and roses), Pampered Clipboard,
Apple Fall Roses Jug and Teacup of Pearls RARE
Real Evil Industries Anya’s pearls, Bracelet and necklace


DAD Fameshed March2017 DONE2048.png


{Set Design}

DaD St.Thomas House @ Fameshed
Little Branch Spring Winds Trees and Mushrooms @ Fameshed
Chez Moi Park Bench and Tree Holder @ Chapter four coming March 4th
Hive Large Birdhouse, love birds house, and Fresh Tulips Pink @ Arcade
Botanical Edged Brick Path
Apple Fall L’air Frais
Raindale Birdside Chandelier @ Crossroads Starting March 3rd
We’re closed Spring grass
Alirium Cotton grass
HPMD Garden tree 7
Little Branch Cedar trees



She’s got cherry lips, angel eyes
She knows exactly how to tantalize
She’s out to get you danger by design
Cold-blooded vixen. She don’t compromise

She’s something mystical in colored lights
So far from typical but take my advice
Before you play with fire do think twice
And if you get burned don’t be surprised

~Sugar ~Robin Schulz~


Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body Freckles
Makeup: Blush – Veechi Kitsune Bluch @ Uber 
Hair: Truth  Asuka @ Uber 

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All my Love Bridal
Dress: Kaithleen’s  Warmer dress
Heels: Glamistry Malva Heels


{Set Design}
Half- Deer Soiree Curtains
Apple Fall Secretary Desk
Tres blah HodgePodge Agenda Rare, Catch all, and Pampered Clipboard

{Pose and Lighting}
{Picturesque Poses} Elle 1 … Coming soon ❤
Lighting enhanced with Lumipro 2017

Closing Time

.Closing Time.

Closing time
You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here


Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body Freckles
Makeup: Izzie’s Catwa Metallic Eye Make up and Lipstick @ The Liasion Collaborative 
Hands: Vista Bento Hands
Hair: Foxy Regan Hair @ C 88

{Clothes & Accessories}
Necklace: Maxi Gossimer Pearls
Top: SPIRIT  Oden top
Jeans: Vinyl Halsey Jeans
Boots: -KC- MALKA BOOTS @ Anybody Event

{Set Design }
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Blogger Stock
*HEXtraordinary* Newspaper Stack
*HEXtraordinary* Steampunk Newspaper Vending Machine
-tres blah- Coffee To Go
{anc} NO LIMITS // eating dove.
{anc} NO LIMITS // walking dove.B
Apple Fall Orsett Single Lantern and Crumpled Newspaper

{Pose and Lighting}
Image Essentials Steps pose 4 @ Hipster Fair
Lighting enhanced with Lumipro 2017

Natural Woman

Natural Woman 2048.png

Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired
And when I knew I had to face another day
Lord, it made me feel so tired
Before the day I met you, life was so unkind
But your the key to my peace of mind

‘Cause you make me feel,
You make me feel,
You make me feel like
A natural woman

When my soul was in the lost and found
You came along to claim it
I didn’t know just what was wrong with me
Till your kiss helped me name it
Now I’m no longer doubtful, of what I’m living for
And if I make you happy I don’t need to do more

‘Cause you make me feel,
You make me feel,
You make me feel like
A natural woman

Oh, baby, what you’ve done to me
You make me feel so good inside
And I just want to be, close to you
You make me feel so alive

You make me feel,
You make me feel,
You make me feel like
A natural woman

~Aretha Franklin ~


Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Skin: Glam Affair Mona Applier for Catwa

Hands: Vista Bento Hands
Hair: Truth Miriam

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones Diamond Bangles
Dress: Kaithleen’s  Swan Dress @ Tres Chic 
Heels: Slipper Originals  Dannika Pumps @ Lost and found 

Doc: (Thank you darling) 
Hair:  DOUX Victor Hairstyle
Jacket: Deadwool  Admiral Pea coat
Jeans:  SNEAKER CUT Kalback Original Jeans
Shoes:  kokoia Wingtip Boots

{Set Design}
Fiasco Victoria’s Greenhouse @ Draftsman 
Apple Fall Lodge Shutters, Huge Fan Palm, Bistro Planter, Whitehall Pathway,
Little Branch Magic Sourwood

Q Poses My Man @ Cosmopolitan 




‘Here are the directions and the keys for your transportation 😉 Do not roll your eyes or fuss in a lengthy text message either. You deserve it *She smirked at that comment. He knew her well* The movers will arrive tomorrow. Be safe and I’ll see you tonight. I love you.’ *She tapped the counter, sighed a little, then went to pack*

Next motors_003_Fotor_Fotor copyedit2048.png

“Well, this is it for a while.” She stepped out of the car and gently placed the bundle of fur on the ground. The puppy whimpered just loud enough to be heard. He was just a bit spoiled and wanted to be held. “No, You need to stretch your legs a bit too. Don’t worry he will be here soon.” She looked around, breathing in deep, taking in the crisp fall air, then unloaded her bags. ‘The movers will arrive tomorrow.’ She was thankful for that, but for the night she had packed a few blankets and the essentials needed. “Come on little one. I’m ready to look inside.” She grinned, while scooping him up and headed toward the door.


Head – Genesis Labs Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Truth Xia

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All my Love bridal set
Real Evil Industries Envy Tags
Outfit: Real Evil Industries  Avery Jeans and Brooke Suede Jacket @ Seasons Story 
Heels: Reign Monetti Heels 

{Set Design}
Sayo Hillside Lake House @ Seasons Story
Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway, Cranfield fence and Privet Ball
JIAN Countryside Collies Pup Tri
David Heather Vache Bag Moss and Grey

Le Poppycock Cherry Wine B Hot and Cold


Born Free

bike shoot_004_Fotor done2048fixed.png

Free, like a river raging
Strong as the wind I’m facing.
Chasing dreams and racing father time.
Deep like the grandest canyon,
Wild like an untamed stallion.
If you can’t see my heart you must be blind.

You can knock me down and watch me bleed
But you can’t keep no chains on me.

I was born free!

~Born Free ~ Kid Rock ~


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Wasabi Pills Aurora @ Fameshed
Nails: Nail It Good! Fall Pack

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My Love Bridal Set
Cheeky Tattoo Chocker and Bracelet @ You.Gatcha 
Glasses: Contrax Aviator Glasses @ You.Gatcha 
Cigarette: Kunst #7 Cigarette
Jumper: CandyDoll Jumpsuit @ Fameshed
Heels: KC Irina Heels @ Designer Showcase Event 

{Set Design}
NOMAD Steel Hardware Warehouse
Apple Fall Orsett Double Lantern
ANC Garden slight wildgrass {flash green}

Black Click  – The Biker w/motorbike @ You.Gatcha 

The Next is Mine


It had been a long morning picking apples. She still had a long way to go, but decided to stop and enjoy one. Just as she went to bite into it, she felt a nudge against her shoulder. She smiled and spoke softly, “I didn’t forget about you.” She held out her hand, feeling the warm breath against her skin. “Go on, You deserve it. This one is yours, however, the next is mine.”


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Truth Esther
Nails: Nail It Good! Fall Pack

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My Love Bridal Set
Sweater: Fame Femme  Tomi Dress @ Seasons Story  Opening July 10TH!
Leggings: Fame Femme  Diana Leather Leggings @ Seasons Story
Boots: Fame Femme Luna Ankleboots @ Seasons Story

{Set Design}
Little Branch  Apple Trees
Apple Fall Market Barrow and Fairytale Pumpkins @ Fameshed 
Apple Fall Patchwork Quilt
Raindale Westlake bench, apple Basket, and Meadow Grass
shi.s.poses love your horse pose

Raindale Apple Basket Pose

Pumpkin Snatchers



October little branch, reverie_002_Fotor eidt 12048.png

She left earlier than normal that morning, hoping to finish her route in enough time to get back for brunch. When she arrived, she noticed a furry surprise. “Good morning Little Tod. Seems you and your friend have found my delivery for the day. I’ll tell you a secret, If you promise to behave yourself and not get into anymore trouble, I will take you along with me.” The foxes gently nipped her nose and she grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Wasabi Pills  Aurora @ Fameshed 

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewelry: Cheeky  – tattoo choker & bracelet @ You.Gatcha 
Dress: Reverie Charlize Dress @ Fameshed

{Set Design}
Little Branch  Magic Sourwood @ Fameshed
Apple fall old church gate @ Crossroads, Pumpkin Cart @ Fameshed and Whitehall pathway
Jian  Red Foxes @ Fameshed

Pose by phoenix… Dust in the wind 2 @ You.Gatcha