You’ll always have me.

hugs 1024.png


What is there to say about the person that knows your soul better than you know yourself? So many times in this world we get caught up in the what was instead of focusing on the what is and what can be. Taking a step back from things can help guide and redirect you right where you need to be. It isn’t a matter of wanting at that point. It is a finding what keeps you grounded and helps find your center.

The mind can be a roller coaster of thoughts but once in the arms of that one person.. your mind goes blank.. You come back to yourself and find them lost in your eyes… Just staring. That stare that pierces through you and reads your every thought.

2018 was a year of more trials and just simply put, fucked up craziness, then I am willing to admit. But, just like Monday…. If I am being honest with myself, I would do it all over again 1000 times over just to experience and bring me back to this point in time. You are my center, my clear mind, the depths of my soul…. You drive me bat shit crazy at times… Aggravating the absolute hell out of me but then you speak those five little words and put an instant grin on my face….. “Shut up and kiss me…..”

Thank you… for everything you do, have done, and will do. Thank you for listening… Thank you for wiping my tears… Thank you for caring for me the way you do. Thank you for going above and beyond…. Thank you for stopping everything just to make sure I am, was, and will be okay.

So here’s to the past, the right now… and the future. Whatever happens and wherever it takes us… You’ll always have me. ♥


Pose ~ Valor Poses All You Need Coming to Pose Fair January 5th.

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