The One

Marry me 1024.png


Less often than not, people find someone to share this crazy world with. I am lucky enough to have found not only someone that I can call my partner but also my best friend. In just 12 short days, we will celebrate one year of me taking his last name and becoming his wife. I’ll always cherish that day that was filled with smiles, tears and lots of laughter. I am thankful that every day since has been filled with the same. He puts up with me and my crazy antics more than most would. He supports me and stands by me in ways I never thought someone could. So My Love, Before I have a squirrel runs in and steer me away from dedicating a blog to you, I do it now. I thought that I loved you then, but I never knew I could love you that much more. Thank you for being YOU and Happy Anniversary Darling.


MudHoney Grace Logs, Candles, Cake, Alter,  and Pearl Picture Frame @ The Trunk Show

Everlasting Love Wedding Rustic winter cake @ The Trunk Show

BLIENSEN & MAITAI Heartbeat male and female rings @ The Trunk Show


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