Bar Z

Bar Z 1024.png



DaD DESIGN SOHO Industrial Loft/skybox

Zerkalo Bar Z – Bar Counter (Rare), Stool, Bar Z Sign, Vodka Neon Sign, Tequila Neon Sign, Darts, Wine rack, Vodka, Gin, Wine, WHisley glass, Wine Glass, Shot Glass, Beer Tower, Billarad Balls Candle, Corks Candle, and Ashtray @ Kustom9 

Zerkalo Automobile bench @ Shiny Shabby 

UnKindness Vintage Truck Bar Black

Foxcity  Neon Lies

Foxcity Naked Neons @ Limit8

Chez Moi Billiard Table Oakville Old Wood and Billiard Rack

Keke kaboom pulsing neon sign

Pilot Wire Woman 1

Roost Wine Shelf 2



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