Letters From Home

Cosmo sept 16.png

My dearest love, it’s almost dawn
I’ve been lyin’ here all night Long,
Wonderin’ where you might be
I saw your mama and I showed her the ring
Man on the television said
Something so I couldn’t sleep
But I’ll be alright, I’m just missin’ you
And this is me kissin’ you
X’s and O’s in a letter from home

She re read again, folded it up, placed in the envelope and sent it on its way

Lyrics from ‘Letters from Home’ John Micheal Montgomery



Head – Genesis Lab Olivia
Body – Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: EnVogue Hair Nadine

{Clothes & Accessories}
Shirt: Fame Femme Kami Sweater and Fur Vest @ Cosmopolitan 
Jeans: Blueberry Melanie Jeans
Boots:  Reign Rome Lace Up Heels

{Set Design}
Hive the old barn rare and DIY Countryside fence @ The Arcade 
Little Branch  Wild Maple Trees @ SaNaRae 
 Chez Moi Wooden Windmill @ SaNaRae

Used from Chez Moi Wooden Windmill

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