Vacation Surprises

Snapshot 2_008

They just arrived at the villa and already Cady was eager to get to the water. “Slow down a bit. I promise it will not go anywhere all week.” Addy smiled and felt the buzz of her phone in her pocket. Opening the text it read, “Be there soon Addylove ” She quickly responded.. “Well hurry up, but be safe ” She closed her phone, placing it on the marble counter before heading out to the boardwalk. “WOW!” Squeals echoed through the dunes, “Momma Look! … but what kinda bird is that…,” Cady looked up at her curiously. She smiled back down and softly responded, “That would be a pelican. They eat fish but not Nemo, remember?” She nodded quickly and grinned more. “So who is this surprise persons?” Addy laughed and heard a faint sound of the door closing on a car. “Well let’s go see.”

Snapshot 2_002

Cady raced down the boardwalk and around to the front of the house and squealed louder, “Miss Charlotte!” “Well, Hello Miss Cady. How are you?” “Thank Goodness you are here,” Addy grinned, “She was just asking the millionth question of the day wondering who could also be coming.” The three of them exchanged hugs, helped Charlotte unload her bags from the car and went to explore. While on their walk, they came across a cozy beach cottage and decided to get a photo marking their first day. Luckily, a passing stranger offered to take it for them in exchange for what has brought them all to the island. Addy looked at Charlotte, Cady looked at Addy, and Charlotte looked at Cady…. They all three laughed and said loudly, “Girl time!” “But no baths… Just the baths with the fishes..” Cady quickly added. Addy shook her head.

Snapshot 2_005

The day was coming to a close. Charlotte offered to try convincing Cady that a bath was a good idea so Addy decided to stop and enjoy the scenery for a while. “I’ll be in soon.. and Charlotte…,” She turned around quickly, “Yes?” Addy smiled, “Thank you for coming, and thank you for being you.” Charlotte grinned at her, scooped Cady up, and headed inside. She found a spot on the steps and took in another deep breath, then exhaling slowly. What was in store for them next?



Hair: Magika Summer 01

{Clothes & Accessories}
Dress: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Chloe Sundress @ C 88
Shoes: KC Sansa Heels/ Maitreya

Hair: Lamb – Need You
Necklace: Cae – Cupid’s Arrow
top: Addams Alegra Buttoned T-Shirt
skirt: Blueberry Roma Denim Skirt

Hair – Louisa by Truth Hair
Outfit – Cherry Blossom Outfit (includes shoes, dress, and shorts) by Angles & Demons

{Set Design}
Studio SkyeBeach dunes, Boardwalk, and Beach
T/L/C Seagull Shack, Pelican, and seagulls
Little branch Umbrella thorn and Palmetto
The Siena II Luxury home

Photo One: Adalynne and Cady’s AO
Photo Two: Say cheese Poses – Cozy

Photo Three: RM Poses -19-

{On location}
Somewhere 😉





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