Sleeping Blessings

take two_003.png

It had been a fun, nonstop day. The water was just the right temperature and the sand was like a welcoming blanket of warmth. The little one crawled out of the water and curled up on the blanket next to her. “Tired?” She asked her with a smile. “Nopes, I’m just gonna lay by yous a minute. What are you doing with your glasses?” The curiosity of this one made her grin a lot. She laughed softly and answered, “Well, I was noticing the reflection in them, Want to… , “. She heard the quiet but steady breathing. Very slowly and quietly she looked over and shook her head whispering, “Ahuh… Not tired at all.. ” She smiled and and stood up looking down, watching her sleep for a moment, thinking of all she was blessed with. One big one, being this tiny babe now fast asleep.

take two_005.png


Hair: Kera – Truth gingers

{Clothes & Accessories}
Izzie’s – Full Set Tropical Jewelry @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016
**RE** Eden Necklace @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016
Top: **RE** Sonya Top Maitreya @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016
Skirt: Blueberry  Britian Maitreya

Cady: For her outfit. Check out her blog here

{Set Design}
8f8 – 07. Our Secret Hideout – Meadow Soft Spot

Photo One: Adalynne Studio 15 Palm trees @ Pose Lover
Cady: Tiny Trinkets  My sleep Style 1
Photo Two: Adalynne Studio 15 Splash @ Pose Lover
Cady: Tiny Trinkets  My sleep Style 1

{On location}
Maison de L’amitie

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