On Your Toes


She leaned back stretching some, cracking her neck as she tilted it from side to side, then happened to glance at the time. “Oh Shit!” she muttered quietly as she slammed the laptop shut, jumping up from her chaise, and headed for the door. She stopped for a brief moment, replaying what she was told. She knew what would happen if she was late this time. She smirked a little, then grabbed her keys and was on her way.


She smiled as she arrived, making it with just enough time to enjoy the view before they arrived. Her heels clicked along the wooden dock before finally reaching the cobblestone. The fountain sat in the middle of the square, surrounded by shops and restaurants galore. She often came here alone just to watch the passing of others, busily going to and fro. She could’ve chosen to wait on the benches but she went against her cautious way this time.

fountain good shot_001

She laid back getting comfortable against the smooth stones, taking in a deep breath and closed her eyes. The familiar foot steps approached. The way the boots clicked and scuffed along the stone was an undeniable sound. She smiled, slowly exhaling, and raised up just a bit, propped up on her elbow. “It starts in 5 mins… You’re cutting it close this time. Ready to go?” He grinned, nodded with a reply, “Need to keep you on your toes.” She shook her head laughing “Ahuh….” He reached out his hand to help her up then headed toward the theatre.


Hair: Clawtooth – Fleur – Red pack

{Clothes & Accessories}
Glasses: Miel Pilot Peepers
Jewerly: Izzie’sWatch Bracelet Silver/Copper
*AvaWay* White Pearl Set
Outfit: –Thalia Heckroth– Maxima Jumpsuit
Shoes: –KC– Daisy Heels/ Maitreya

{Set Design}
Photo One: Knick KnacksFlying Cutains – Black lace.
The Loft – Bennet Chaise Lilac
Morning Mist by Kody Meyers ( Check him out Here)

Used from The Loft  Bennet Chaise
Photo 2: Label Motion Scene Pose 1
Photo 3: Katink Female poses

{On Location}
Photo 2 and 3 shot at the beautiful home of the Versailles family Royaume De Versaille open to public.. go have a look ❤

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