The Wine has Spoken

Snapshot ultra7.png

It had been a long night. They had been out for drinks and then decided to check out the gardens behind the hotel across the street. As they entered, the shimmer of the harp up ahead caught their eye. There was a lone microphone and the stage was empty. “Seems we’ve missed the party,” Charlotte mentioned with a laugh. “Apparently so,” Adalynne whispered as she looked around the corners. “Well, It also appears no one is here but us.” She grinned slyly. Charlotte laughed harder, “That mic is mine!” “Not if I get there first.”

They both were already kicking off their heels and took off toward the stage. Charlotte quickly grabbed the stand, just as Adalynne reached her side. “What shall we sing…. Decisions, decisions…. ” Adalynne asked with a smirk. “CAN’T TOUCH THIS.” Charlotte was very serious. “Welp, the wine has spoken,” Adalynne burst into laughter and reached over to the piano trying to find the key. “Ready…. 1, 2, 3, 4…” They both started in unison “Dum , da, da, dum.. da dum, da dum.. Can’t touch this.. ”  Thankfully it was late and everyone had left. They were alone with the birds, the fountain, and twinkling of the lights around them.

Snapshot ultra9.png


Hair: Truth– Harmony (Bun) – Gingers

{Clothes & Accessories}
Jewerly: Izzie’s Watch Bracelet Silver/Copper
*AvaWay* White Pearl Set
Dress: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Signature Tank Dress @ N21

Hair: Exile – Songbird

{Clothing and accessories}
Necklace: [Junbug] Rhinestone Necklace [Crystal]
Ring: =Zenith= Mirror Pearl Stone Ring
Dress: ryvolter – Leia Flute Lace Dress in Navy

Omen Poses Karaoke Divas

{On Location} @ The Looking Glass


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