My Own Company



She knew one day it was bound to happen. Fly to close to their home and she was sure to be caught. She stood against the cool glass, shaking her head and pounding her fists thinking how careless she was. She was trapped, no longer able to enjoy the world around her.. then she heard a familiar flutter behind her and she sank to the bottom of the jar slowly, then smiled. Maybe this isn’t the end. Maybe this is simply a new beginning and a new outlook of the world around her.


Instead of looking at everything around us, watching time pass more and more quickly, take the time to notice the smallest of things. The flutter of wings from the butterflies, the laughter of a child, the soft touch of a gentle friend…. So many times, we are wrapped up in how the world spins and everything we are meant to do and “supposed” to be doing, we forget to enjoy the ride. Take the time to get away, just step away from your normal and take it in from a different view. You might be surprised just what you can find, within your own company.


Hair: Truth Kora – Gingers

{Clothes & Accessories}
MOoH! Nose Yellow Swallowtail
*SL* Tinkerbell Green Wings 3 COMMON
*SL* Tinkerbell Silver Bracers COMMON
*SL* Tinkerbell Silver Legwraps COMMON
Dress: *SL* Tinkerbell Fitmesh Dress 12 RARE

From MOoH! Fairy in a Jar Rare @ Clubhouse Gacha

{Set Design}
MOoH! Fairy in a jar Rare @ Clubhouse Gacha
MOoH! Tree Chair Mossy @ Clubhouse Gacha
MOoH! Tree truck wood table @ Clubhouse Gacha
MOoH! Wood Gazebo Mossy Rare @ Clubhouse Gacha
Little branch Mystic birch cluster @ FaMESHed


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