“One Girl Revolution”

Lost town gun 5.png

“I wear a disguise
I’m just your average jane
The super doesn’t stand for model
But that doesn’t mean I’m plain
If all you see is how I look
You miss the superchick within
And I christen you titanic underestimate and swim
I’ve got the rifle gonna be myself”

Lost town gun 3.png

“Some people see the revolution but most only see the girl
I can lose my hard earned freedom if my fear defines my world
I declare my independence from the critics and their stones
I can find my revolution I can learn to stand alone…”

Lost town gun 7.png

“I’ll be everything that I want to be
I am confidence in insecurity
I am a voice yet waiting to be heard
I’ll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear round the world”

Lyrics by: Superchick – One Girl Revolution


Adalynne is wearing:
Head: Genesis Lab Head Emily 2.0 Blinker Rare.. Kustom9 August 2015 Round
Skin: Genesis Lab Cream
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Forest
Hair: Truth Hair Bronwyn – gingers
Body: Maitreya Lara v3.4
Tattoo: White Widow Steppin’
{Clothes & Accessories}
Bracelet: JNYC – “Womens, Delicate Heart Bracelet (L)
Jumper:  Vinyl Stirling JumperFit Pak BLACK {Out today.. GO GET IT}

Shoes: Candydoll Arabella Boots Black
Poses: Le Poppycock *Provocatrice* A @ C 88 {Current Round}

Photo 1 Spymaster

Photo 2 Dead drop

Photo 3 Birdwatcher

Shot on Location at Lost Town




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